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PADI's courses offered by Scuba-Action

All courses are given by a team of qualified assistant instructors and instructors.

Scuba-Action team will assist you with all the exercices and answer all your questions.

Every certification from PADI's association gives you a lifetime certificate which is valid everywhere in the world.

NOTE: The courses are offered in french, but the books are available in both languages.


Gilles Arial IDCS

Gilles Arial IDCS

Since 1990, Scuba-Action est proud to serve the Ottawa region. Gilles Arial has certified a great number of divers in numerous courses such as basic, advanced, and specialties. Also, he has formed many candidates to qualify as instructors.

The team Scuba-Action gives a lot of courses year round in every specialties related to scuba-diving. Join the always growing number of students, and you will get the opportunity to live wonderful adventure in the underwater world, and this, in a safe way.